Tired of quickies?

I was too. I created a method to make my orgasm last for an hour and 45 minutes. See for yourself in our instructional videos and eBook!

Benefits of the LoverLonger Tantra Method

  1. Unlimited, powerful orgasmic sensations without finishing.
  2. Sexual confidence, maximum pleasure, no stopping, and no disappointments.
  3. It’s not a numbing cream, a pill, or a pump and it’s definitely not Viagra.
  4. It’s a training program that evolves into a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Benefits of using the LoverLonger Equipment

  1. The LoverLonger equipment is adjustable to fit any size penis.
  2. It gives you a natural erection, providing extra hardness and additional sensitivity.
  3. Size does matter, a stronger, harder penis is easier to control.

Benefits of a Sexually Connected Massage

  1. If you can orgasm without finishing, you can give a connected sexual massage and get laid every day of the week. What man doesn’t want to be asked for sex?
  2. For a man, it’s delicious, it’s 3 ways to express his love; through his penis, through his massaging hands, and of course, through a loving voice.
  3. For a woman, it’s a stress-free way to be pampered while receiving all of his loving.