I hope you will allow me explain a level of male control is not been described, or offered to the public anywhere else. I cannot imagine a higher level of orgasm control. I hope you don’t find me boasting, I am just an average guy who stumbled upon something awesome, and I want to share this wonderful method with other men, including you. How about this, you are likely younger than I am. You pay me $19.95 towards my retirement, and in return my book will show you how to ride your orgasm for as long as you want. You will still be having long orgasms long after I kick the bucket. That’s 50 cents a year, given you are much younger than me. At the moment I am 68 and still having awesome extended orgasms on a daily basis.

I have had 28 years years of studying my orgasm and I know how to beat the ejaculation urge every time. There is nothing special about me, so I know that if I can defeat what doctors call an autonomic or involuntary response, I believe you can too.

First orgasm and ejaculation are 2 different things. Orgasm is great sensations and ejaculation is the pumping end to great sensations. Ejaculation sucks because it hides all the great orgasmic sensations that would have kept on going, if the ejaculation urge would leave it the fuck alone.

Yeah, ejaculation fucked up more than half of my life, I was shy, because I didn’t have control, and therefore I didn’t get a lot of “strange puss” in my youth when I wanted it most. Fortunately when I did get laid, I always put a condom on and thankfully I didn’t get anyone pregnant. However in midlife, I luckily learned a skill to ride my orgasm by denying the ejaculation. Better still I could give my wife a continuously connected, inside and outside, sexual massage. This meant that I could have sex every day.

It is not similar to an erotic massage, ours is the longest lasting and only sexual massage online.

Back to the subject at hand, presently the high bar of penis control is set at Edging or Male Multiple Orgasm. This method edges up to touch the orgasm, then stops to cool down for several seconds. Then climbs back up, touches the orgasm briefly and stops all over again. In this method most of the time is spent climbing back to orgasm, or stopping. Contact with the orgasm is very limited and fear of losing control forces the defensive strategy of needing to stop to avoid “too much”. The territory owned in this method is pre-orgasm up to orgasm.
Bottom line, you have to be careful not to give the penis too much stimulation.

The Loverlonger Tantra method reaches the “too much” line and refuses to pull the trigger. There are a few ways to stare down the ejaculation urge detailed in my book. The goal is creating orgasmic sensations and maintaining them with accurate stimulation until the penis owner decides to stop.

I found several ways of changing “too much” into “perfect pleasure” so you can deny a squirt with a grin on your face. Denying an ejaculation is easy when you train your body to accept the orgasm. Note; there is no endurance in pre-orgasm because it sucks in comparison to orgasm. It isn’t exciting enough sensations to focus on, or to keep feeding itself, which it must do to stay hard.

When you fend off the first surge of “too much” you occupy the orgasm. You own it. By choosing to not pull the trigger you upset the power balance and now you can attack the ejaculation urge from within. Tormenting it with false alarms is not only easy, it’s necessary to stay experiencing orgasmic sensations. Not enough stimulation would mean a drop back down into unexceptional sensations, but the right speed keeps it humming along perfectly. This allows for an offensive strategy. You have to make sure that you are able to keep up with, and feed this greedy orgasm the correct amount of stimulation. The territory owned in this method is orgasm.

Bottom line, you have to make sure you give your penis enough stimulation to stay there.

Edging finds safety in under stimulation while Loverlonger Tantra creates safety with accurate stimulation.

I have controlled my orgasm by denying the ejaculation for 28 years.

I wrote a detailed 51 page guidebook of how to activate the orgasmic sensations and stay there, using stimulation accuracy. It’s the Loverlonger Tantra method at loverlonger.com
Thanks for reading this from Ian.