Who needs a vibrator holder?

Added on Apr 16, 2013

The Vibratormate holds a vibrator in the perfect position while you don't have to feel unwelcome vibrations in your hand or arm. If you want a simultaneous orgasm with your lover just press onto place on the Luvbed.

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It’s not just for women with hand, wrist or arm pain it’s for these women too:
  1. A woman who might want to orgasm while laying on her bed and not have to reach down to hold a vibrator in her hand.
  2. Relax the whole body for the longest, deepest, bestest climax’s.
  3. A woman who may want to kiss her lover as she holds his head and neck with both her free hands while she is being separately stimulated.
  4. A woman who may want to give fellatio, or use her two free hands on her lover, while she is being quietly stimulated.
  5. A woman who might like to sit up to read a sexy book while being quietly stimulated over and over again, needing only the slightest hip movement to turn on or off, and back on, and on again, off and on again, as she feels is appropriate.
  6. A woman writing a love letter at her desk may want to be quietly stimulated, as she deliciously types her lover’s name.
  7. No tools required to fit under a desk, easy on off attachment, with finger tight accurate adjustment.
  8. A woman watching a sexy movie may want to feel more “involved” but doesn’t want to fumble around with a vibrator, she too may want quiet relief without having to use her hands.
  9. A woman might like a relaxing massage at the same time as she is being quietly stimulated.
  10. And plus, there is always the woman who might enjoy being made love to on the Luvbed, while she is separately stimulated to orgasm, without the need of his or her hands. Hands free clitoral stimulation and easy access penetration!!! That’s a “double whammy”

Then I wondered what kind of man might like the benefits of a vibrator holder:
  1. Perhaps a man who would enjoy kissing his lover throughout all the stages of her stimulation, all the way to her wonderful climax without using his or her hands to make it happen. Why not kiss her and kiss her breasts while the vibrator quietly does its job?
  2. A man who might like to fondle his lover’s breasts with both his hands, while his lover is stimulated to orgasm.
  3. A man who doesn’t give cunnilingus to his partner, but wants to make sure she reaches orgasm anyway. The Vibratormate with the Eroscillator unleashes the best orgasms that 2012 technology can produce.
  4. A man with his partner on the Luvbed™ who wants a simultaneous orgasm with his lover for the first time in his or her entire life.

I’ve got a good idea, why not join me for a simultaneous orgasm!!!

I just counted out my list above and it amounts to only 8 women and 4 men, certainly not enough to build a business around, so it looks like the Vibratormate™ will have to be dumped onto the scrap heap of history.

We hope the 8 women and 4 men described above will please contact us asap. You know who you are!!!!

Compare the Luvbed Deluxe to a normal bed with pillows.

Added on Apr 16, 2013

Product Information

A flat bed does not compare favorably with the Luvbed Deluxe. The Luvbed is ideal for massage, erotic massage and accurately aligned sexual intercourse. It is designed to make lovemaking more comfortable and energy efficient. It creates deeper connections, while offering lovers mutually orgasmic, happy endings. A normal bed is flat, it’s good for sleeping on and good for sex too until you consider where each person’s body weight is distributed. A comfortable position for one person is not always comfortable for the other person. A lot of energy is spent holding ones bodyweight up on knees or elbows in sometimes difficult to maintain positions. Thats energy that could be put to much better use. When using specially designed sexual positioning furniture neither person’s body weight is pressed down on the other person so finally an imperfect body shape is no longer an impediment to great, longer lasting love. This newest sex furniture is created so the recipient lover is comfortable with breasts and genitalia greatly exposed. The Luvbed works well on a bed for doggy style lovemaking. However on its own Deluxe Pedestal, it is adjustable to the perfect height and angle for the most comfortable and easily access-able sexual connections in several male-standing positions. This uniquely designed furniture with a sexy suggestive style, offers a reliable intro into lovemaking by providing a massage setting that soon turns into an erotic massage and beyond!!! The Luvbed is designed to fit a woman’s body shape when lying forward so that comfort is everywhere her body touches. By design her breasts are not squished and she can breathe easily without any of her lover’s body weight pressing down on her during intercourse. Easy to breathe means able to concentrate and enjoy ones own inner feelings. Relaxation allows a woman to experiment with the all powerful vaginal squeeze but be careful and gentle with him at first !!! He will love you when you reach back around to assist in his entry and don’t forget to lift up your heels to help push him inside you. Meanwhile add all the touching in approval messages you can give your lover with your free hands. Speak sexy words of encouragement to your lover, he will love to hear it and love you superbly because of it. There are lots of reasons a man will love the Luvbed, especially when its placed on its Deluxe Pedestal because it offers the perfect body positioning for lovemaking. However give your lover a massage first to help her relax into the mood for love, this way the odds of getting laid are greatly improved and she will be more ready to enjoy it when it does. Some would say it’s the best entertainment ever to see the illusion of four breasts in the two breast viewing mirrors, breasts that are easily accessible to feel, and that’s a nice reward for your tender massage touch. When standing up for love, a man soon finds the energy savings that he can use to extend his lovemaking stamina. Male standing sex also frees the man’s hands so that fingers can do the walking, while erotic massage does the talking!!! Male standing sex offers him better control of his speed of stimulation, and that’s essential in creating longer lasting love. The ability to disengage and re-engage thanks to a standing position is an easy way to avoid runaway stimulation and therefore premature ejaculation. A mans free hands can keep the action going during a slowdown in the play, making loving more erotic, varied and longer lasting. A proud manhood while standing, combined with her accurate height and angle, means a man can trust his erection to provide hands free vaginal entry. The easiest possible in means the easiest possible out, so now without worry you can let her feel all of you from tip to testicle, without needing hand guidance for entry or re-entry. When a man is fully “in” he will notice his own greater depth with each thrust, thanks to the Luvbed’s thoughtful shape holding his lover in position. There is no unintended “push her away” with a man’s excited forward thrust. What better way to show a woman that, you are indeed a man of great depth!!! For a two-way fireworks finale, turn on the pre-positioned Vibratormate hands free vibrator, to both enjoy a simultaneous orgasm during lovemaking, and then ask, “How does the Luvbed Deluxe compare with sex on a normal bed?” A normal flat bed with pillows is best for sleeping on, after having the best sex ever on the awesome Luvbed Deluxe. P.S. If you like missionary position check out the Spredbed, it uses a gentle gravity angle for additional connectivity, it also fits to the Pedestal for several sexual positions at the perfect height and angle for male standing missionary sex. Products from Loverlonger are created so you can Loverlonger, then you wont have to wait very long to Loverlonger again.

Are You Trusting Thrusting? Some sexy tips for increasing your carnal success

Added on Jul 11, 2012 

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In a perfect world, at the height of mans deepest orgasmic thrust, a woman would  melt into an entirely orgasmic state, and for mens confidence it would be better  if  women could ejaculate in pretty colors too, if only to prove to men that “it” had actually happened. It seems illogical and unbelievable, given how great thrusting feels for a man, that a woman would enjoy thrusting in a different way, and will almost always require the stimulation of her clitoris for her orgasm to occur.  The problem is that the clitoris is not touched by the penis during penetration and that means that for most women, no amount of in/out thrusting, at any speed will ever cause her to reach an orgasm. In most lovemaking positions it is hard for a man to stimulate the clitoris with his finger during penetration, and that often denies a couple the opportunity for a simultaneous orgasm.

Just to be clear, I’m not knocking thrusting, it is my favorite thing to do, but try not to get lulled into thinking that as you thrust faster, or when you are reaching your boiling point, that she is too. She may make noises matching your level of excitement, but do not speed up if you are thinking that you will both reach the finish line at the same time. You will reach the finish line, and unfortunately she will not.  Women reach orgasm through the clitoral stimulation, so being a skilled lover means stimulating the clitoris with a vibrator, finger or tongue.  Thrusting at 90 miles an hour, for 90 seconds or even 90 minutes will not bring her to orgasm, so slow down and avoid sprinting to an early ejaculation. It is very important that a man not tie his self-confidence or self-esteem to a female orgasm which ideally he wants to happen as a result of his penis’ thrusting. It is unusual for a female orgasm to occur by thrusting alone so don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Keep enjoying thrusting to show her how virile and excited  about her you are, but make sure she gets her orgasm too, and the easiest way is to use technology and superior positioning.

For technology we have the Eroscillator vibrator  which is considered most effective on a woman’s clitoris. Dr Ruth endorses this vibrator claiming it is preferred by 70% of women in a recent study. Multi speed, easy on off slider switch, with many choices of stimulating heads, the Eroscillator is generally considered the best for clitoral stimulation.

Given that the clitoris needs to be stimulated  for a female orgasm  to occur, we unfortunately find  that this is difficult to achieve  when two bodies are pressed closely together.  Two new inventions solve this problem, the Vibratormate™ provides ideal positioning and adjustability for direct clitoral stimulation,  and the Luvbed creates the ideal  female  position for male thrusting and clitoral stimulation at the same time. These are the ingredients for a simultaneous orgasm, you just need good timing to make it happen.

Make erotic love for a long time before  asking her the ideal time to switch on the vibrator, but adjust it into position and familiarize yourself with the on/off switch prior to lovemaking. It may be best to switch the vibrator on towards the end of a long erotic lovemaking session on the Luvbed if you want to Loverlonger. Men should be  cautious against early ejaculation, but prepared for the best of pleasures, the vagina walls contract during orgasm and will certainly clamp hard onto your penis. . A man has to be careful because he is receiving 3 different stimulations to his penis at the same time, 1/ The normal awesomeness of entering the mouth, feeling the cervix inside and enjoying the walls and depths of her vagina. 2/ The contractions of the vaginal walls on her climb to orgasm, and 3/ The notice-able tickle  of a  nearby vibrator permeating through her vaginal walls.

Caution is required to avoid a premature ejaculation and often the only defense is withdrawing the penis entirely to for a few seconds to cool off. This is where erotic massage provides ongoing close touching for when a man needs to temporarily withdraw from this awesome triple stimulation. Erotic massage is perfect because it  keeps the pleasure and closeness going if a man needs to change pace to lower his stimulation level. Better to temporarily retreat and re-enter multiple times than it is to ejaculate too early. Better still if you can communicate or guess when the absolute best time to be inside of her is. After some short breaks and re-entering several times you can roughly guess how long you can last before ejaculation for when you decide to go big. All you have to  do is to guess when she is the same amount of time away from her climax, as you are.


Of course a woman may want to stimulate herself during sexual intercourse too, it’s all fun and its helpful to show him how comfortable you are with your sexuality, and  it  helps show him how to achieve the orgasm he wants to give you.

Thanks for reading and remember you can’t lose if you LoverLonger™ because you are guaranteed to have more sex,  and  more often too.


What is an Erotic Massage

Added on May 20, 2012

Product Information

Mirriam-Websters dictionary defines Erotic Massage as, “The use of massage techniques for erotic ends that is widely practiced by couples as part of lovemaking”. Women define Erotic Massage as, A stress relieving way to be pampered into the mood for lovemaking. Men define Erotic Massage as, A way to get laid. Of course it’s not either, or, but it is a wonderful opportunity for lovers to connect without the “wham bam thank you Maam” that men often have a bad reputation for. Now is the time for women to stand up, or actually lay down for their rights and that is the right to be loved with thoughtful effort and care. Knowledge will always trump speed and efficiency because relationships often hang in the balance in these most intimate moments. Quickie sex can mean quickie relationships so beware and become aware that the stakes are very high indeed!!! Loverlonger has changed Erotic Massage for the better. Now a man’s hands are free during lovemaking and that means that massage pleasure can be applied at the same time as sexual penetration. Receiving a truly erotic massage is a double whammy for a woman; it’s an interior and exterior massage at the same time. Giving an erotic massage is “job security for a man” as the latest Erotic Massage Furniture offers several unique advantages to promote male longevity. These advantages are explained in my blog “Erotic Massage to Simultaneous Orgasm” A Man’s Guide. Loverlonger’s Erotic massage furniture comfortably places a woman’s body in a sexy way that provides total comfort for the male lover too, so that the original sexual position can allow deeper levels of sexual penetration. When the women’s hips become stationary the man’s hands are free to roam, increasing the ability to stroke your lover in a variety of ways. Multiple sexual stimuli applied at the same time is often what it takes for a women’s sexual being to take over and over-ride the conscious mind and all the inhibitions that may hold back the sexual experience. For men, pampering your lover and working on your erotic massage techniques will only pay off now and in the future. Erotic massage is the most intimate level of giving and receiving a relationship can have. Allowing yourself and your lover to explore massage techniques introduces a level of trust and connection that is truly territory for lovers only. Using sexual props can be the opening door to the higher level of intimacy and relationship strength that you desire. It’s one thing to describe an Erotic Massage and it’s benefits but more important are the individual tips of how to which can be found in my blogs “A Woman’s Guide to Erotic Massage” and” Erotic Massage to Simultaneous Orgasm. A Man’s Guide”

Erotic Massage to Simultaneous Orgasm. A Man's Guide

Added on Apr 16, 2013

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Want More Staying Power and Two Happy Endings? A man thinks about sex most of the time, but often it’s about when, and with whom to get laid, not so much about planning how to make the most of it when it actually does happen. Loverlonger has many products on the market that make romantic and erotic massage comfortable for the recipient, as well as ergonomically easy for her lover to give. The Luvbed placed on the Pedestal for instance is adjustable so lovers can meet perfectly in the middle, and at the preferred angle too. It’s also worth using the VibratorMate, which is an adjustable hands free vibrator holder, if a couple planning a multi orgasmic ending. To get started make sure your hands are warm, use plenty of warm massage lotion, have a handy towel and a good personal lubricant. It’s a good idea for both lovers to urinate, wash up, clip fingernails and brush teeth before lovemaking, so there is no break or discomfort in the action. Another nice convenience if there is something to drink close at hand. Be kind and thoughtful and treat your lover with respect. Set the mood with some sexy background music and a comfortable room temperature, and then help position your naked lover on the Luvbed. Adjust the Pedestal height so your penis is lined up perfectly to accurately penetrate her vagina. Light some candles, if it fits the mood, but don’t burn the house down, remove all your clothing including your socks. Apply some nicely scented, warm massage lotion all over her back, neck and legs. Slowly massage her neck and shoulders but do a good job so you can help her feel valued, cared for and relaxed. The only way to know how hard or long to massage her is to ask her, or try to read her moans of approval. Move around her body as you massage and take a few moments to enjoy feeling her breasts, but honestly, just massaging her breasts alone won’t cut it as a genuine massage. Move down from her shoulders to her lower back, which will always need a lot of attention. Make sure you give a good massage as this will help relax her as well as yourself. Try to avoid a headlong rush to the main event. Move down to her buttocks and massage some more, and soon it will be worth a little flirtation with her girlie parts. Try to make it look like you are not just interested in one thing (unless of course she wants you to be just interested in that one particular thing at that particular moment). Move down to the thighs, legs and feet. Once again give a good massage, not just a quick rub. If you hurry the massage, you are likely to hurry the intercourse too, so slow down, relax and enjoy. Notice the wonder of having a live human being in your hands, trusting you to make her feel good, so make sure that you do indeed make her feel good. Mix it up a little, with some “genuine” massaging, some well-chosen words and some sexual play. Massaging your naked lover may be enough to make you hard but often nature needs some help and your lover is there at the right level, able to use her hands or mouth, to help you rise to the occasion. Use a good personal lubricant on your penis to enter your lover but make sure you clean the lubricant off your hands before reverting to massage lotion, as the sexual lubricant is “sticky” on bare skin. Avoid judging female wetness, it’s silly and can be hurtful so just put on the lubricant and shut up regarding this topic. Choose a good lubricant, either water based or oily, or warming oily, there are lots of choices, but try several types beforehand, as they are all very different. Apply and re-apply lots of your favorite lubricant during intercourse to make sure things continue moving smoothly. Keep the massage going as you are thrusting into her to give her pleasure on the inside and the out. This is the “double whammy” luxury that women have been waiting for. Of course, for you it’s not cheating to pull her naked body, back towards you’re forward thrust, while still making it feel like “genuine” massage. She will notice how nice it is to make love in comfort and she will also appreciate that your bodyweight is not squashing down on top of her. You will notice you have more energy if you make love in the standing position, but save that energy to last longer, not to go faster, so make sure your energy is going in the right place, but not at a high-speed yet. Focus on relaxing to be fully in the moment and remember extending this lovemaking session will not only be better and healthier for both of you now, but will be something both of you will look forward to for the next time. Make sure you stay connected with your hands on your lover at all times, then try disengaging or slowing down penetration while still massaging, it’s an option that allows a man to maintain sexual control, without losing the physical connection. You control the speed and thus the stimulation level so keep your head, you have waited since whenever to get laid, so don’t blow it now by sprinting to the finish line. Try not to allow her excitement level to control your speed as you will likely reach orgasm before she does. After all if you are already pleasing her just keep pleasing her, no need to speed up and risk ending it all for both of you. Keep experimenting to find a sustainable thrusting speed and depth of penetration to fine-tune your stimulation level to make sure it remains at very excited but pre-orgasmic. The latest erotic massage furniture connects lovers comfortably while providing easy withdraw and re-entry accuracy. This way a man can catch his breath by temporarily stopping, or slowing penetration, thereby lowering the heat of his stimulation, rather than just follow the instinct to speed up and unfortunately ejaculate too early. Split the focus of your mind to think about the sexual and erotic massage pleasure you are giving, and how that might feel to your lover and wonder what else she might enjoy? Keep monitoring the amount of stimulation you are receiving and how close you are to the “point of no return” Be disciplined with your excitement, keep control by controlling your speed. Try this, massage slowly but make sure your thrusting is a quarter or half tempo of your massage speed, it is easy use this as a measure to help you slow down. Think of how you can enjoy making the moments linger for her most importantly, be determined to love her longer rather than ejaculate too early. Now it’s time to up the ante and reward her with a “Triple Whammy”,
1/ more time for her to enjoy the massage while,
2/ you keep trusting into her, but before speeding up to reach your own orgasm,
3/ reach down to turn on the pre-positioned hands free vibrator so that,
3 plus, plus/ now she can climax in a simultaneous orgasm with you. For a woman it doesn’t get any better than this, deep penetrating sex, a massage and an orgasm at the same time as her lover. You just need the desire, a Luvbed on it’s Pedestal and some new techniques to make sure simultaneous orgasms are part of your sexual repertoire. Now that you are both satisfied, you can confidently ask her that age-old question “Was it as good for you, as it was for me?

A Woman's Guide to Erotic Massage, or Pro-Active Giving in the Doggie Style Position

Added on May 20, 2012

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It’s easy for a woman to enhance an Erotic Massage for herself and her lover. Easier still if you have the right tools and a good game plan. At the start of many relationships a massage is the gateway to sex, but usually the massage disappears when men think they can go straight to sex. If he hurries straight to sex and you go along with him straight to sex, soon you’ve both hurried and it’s all finished up. Sex and foreplay are the best things in life so it’s worth finding ways to make sure it all lasts longer and can be enjoyed even more, and the best way is to get there is by re-employing the original seducer, massage!!!! Loverlonger has designed erotic massage furniture to create the perfect angle and height combination for intercourse and massage at the same time. Also try the Vibratormate, it’s an adjustable hands free vibrator holder to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, thereby offering a simultaneous orgasm for both lovers to enjoy. The Luvbed makes lovemaking and erotic massage easy for a woman by creating a comfortable face down easy breathing position, with no performance pressure to worry about. However, even in this relaxed face forward position there are a lots of tricks a woman can use to keep her lover happy, but before the pleasure starts urinate, file fingernails, brush teeth and wash up so there is no break in the action or discomfort at the wrong time. Select lighting, room temperature, background music and beverages beforehand while enjoying the anticipation. Be kind and thoughtful and treat your lover with respect. Together pre-adjust the Luvbed on it’s Pedestal so his penis and your vagina match up at the perfect height and preferred angle. Ideally his natural erection while he is standing will fit you perfectly, so he can pamper you with his free hands by giving you a romantic, loving massage prior to or during lovemaking. It is important to relax and be in the moment, so you can enjoy the knowledge that a close connection with a living, breathing human being is coming your way. Smiling takes away worries and makes you look happy, and that encourages your lover to proceed confidently. Become naked with his help or yours, breathe deeply and open yourself up to the awesome pleasures of erotic massage as you position yourself comfortably on the Luvbed. If your lover is rubbing your neck or shoulders, it takes just a little effort to reach up to gently touch the back of his hands while he is applying massage pressure. The reason this gentle touch is so powerful is because it shows your lover that you are enjoying his hands. Like a pat on the back it demonstrates your approval and suggests that your lover should continue pleasing you this way. As he penetrates you from behind, it is reassuring to him if you reach back to gently stroke his thighs. Once again your hands will show your participation and approval of his lovemaking. Your welcoming gesture may not seem that much to you, but to a man it is enormous. It is approval, appreciation, and the encouragement to keep going, all wrapped up in the gentle caress of your fingertips. After a while reach farther back around to touch his penis as he slides in and out of you. It’s not easy for you to reach around but it is awesome for him to feel the extra sensations created by your fingertips at the same time as he enjoys your vagina. It suggests that your excitement is similar to his and you want to help increase his pleasure, by naughtily raising his excitement even more. Be careful, make it brief or occasional because you can over stimulate him this way, and that will end the party too soon. Occasionally lift up your feet to use your heels on your lover’s buttocks to “help push him in”. Matching his thrust with your “help” is exciting to him because it demonstrates cooperation, teamwork and a desire to receive more of him. Helping your lover make love to you is a huge turn on for a man. During lovemaking your trump card is the vaginal squeeze. It is easy to learn, you just squeeze your P.C. muscle to grip his penis as it slides in and out of you. For him it makes your vagina feel tighter and tells him that you are happy to participate. When you squeeze to make yourself tighter, it ends up making him feel bigger. Mix it up a little, squeeze the head a few times as he goes in, then squeeze him at the deepest part of his penetration but don’t squeeze all the time, you will get a cramp, just occasionally to add variety of feelings for him, and show him you are there encouraging playfulness by participating in the proceedings. This again is a big turn on for a man, but ask how it feels and be careful not to squeeze him too hard. In this prone position the simple pleasures are often the best so open up wider to your lover by periodically spreading your legs a little more. You can also reach back with both hands to open yourself wider by pulling your thighs forward. This type of non- verbal communication will be very exciting for your lover. It says you are enjoying him so much that you are greedy for more of him. It demonstrates to him that you are part of a team effort with one goal in mind, to get as close a physical connection as possible. This little move can re-assure him that you are onboard and together with him for this sexy, feel good adventure. The new erotic massage furniture allows you to reach back to hold his hands so you can both pull your bodies together and in turn pull him in deeper inside of you. This will take his hands off his massage job temporarily, but will re-affirm to him how much you are enjoying his penis, by pulling yourself back onto him, and his hardness deep into you. Some women scream approval, some women moan approval, some sigh and some cry. There is no right or wrong way but anyway you choose to show your enjoyment will be well received by your lover. Men want to feel appreciated because it gives them confidence, so it is helpful to both of you if you let him know what you like, and how fast for loving, and how much pressure for massaging, and where it feels best etc; etc; Be careful, words can offer encouragement and closeness, but words can also cause pain. “I prefer this” is much better than “don’t do that” If you don’t like what he is doing, suggest something else like “let’s try this” or “lets do that again”. Compliment honestly when appropriate but make sure you say no if necessary. Avoid saying that the massage feels even better than the sex because men’s egos can be fragile. Even if it is meant to be a compliment about the massage, comparing anything to be better than his penis can be deflating, so don’t go there. Ultimately, two open minds, comfortable positioning, good communication, plenty of personal lubricant, and a sense of humor will make an erotic massage relaxing and enjoyable, or fun and exciting. Remember regular sex is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle; it’s even better if it ends in two orgasm’s. Orgasm and regular massage are good for the whole body, so it’s important that you get your fair share. To be happier and more stress free, make love often, have orgasm’s and practice safe sex.

Does you lover know the full length of your magnificent manhood?

Added on Jan 19, 2012

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Imagine your lover comfortably positioned on the Luvbed™ which is placed on its own special Pedestal. The height and angle are exactly right making both the penis and vagina match up perfectly. This accuracy provides the confidence for a total withdrawal followed by the deepest possible re-entry, and this is physically the best demonstration of “the full length of your magnificent manhood” to her. Its easy, totally in, totally out, followed by totally in, followed by another totally out and another one, you get the picture. Using the full-out stroke means the head of your penis is repeatedly enjoying the mouth of her vagina, which is the tightest part, (so be careful to not overstimulate yourself this way, if you are looking to increase your longevity too). However, you save energy standing up, and by effortlessly rocking your hips forwards and backwards your lover will enjoy all of your length with every fully completed in and out stroke. Here are a few more tips, when using the Luvbed consider using the Hiphuggers to make sure your forward thrust doesn’t push your lover forward and away from you, thereby denying you that last precious inch. Of course a man can use the massage to pull his lover back towards him, so she can feel his fullest length and if she reaches back to hold hands you can pull each other together to achieve the greatest depth of penetration that way too.. It’s easy, its sexy, and it’s purely in the timing!!!!! The alternative to erotic massage furniture is that often when making love, either leaned over something, or a man propping himself up on his elbows, it is risky for a man to withdraw completely as part of a full stroke, because the angle or height is often not perfect in the first place. Usually one or the other person has to “guide the penis in by hand” for lovers to meet in the middle, to even get started , so why chance a full-out stroke when it may slip and go someplace else. Erotic massage furniture offers height and angle accuracy, and that enables the man’s own erection to guide his penis in, entirely and wonderfully hands free. This gives a man the confidence to control the proceedings more by mixing things up a little, using variations in-depth, speed and occasionally using the delicious “full in and full-out stroke” to remind her of the full length of your magnificent manhood. Make sure she feels your full length, but first my read my blogs “Making the most of an Erotic Massage” to show her more longevity too, and “A Woman’s guide to an Erotic Massage”

Avoid sexual peroformance anxiety the easy way

Added on Jan 1, 2012

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Comfort and technology are two of the keys to a simultaneous orgasm.

Avoid performance anxiety by planning to help your lover reach orgasm. The easiest way is by using a hands free vibrator, accurately adjusted  to stimulate her clitoris, while held in place by its Vibratormate holder. This is the easiest  way for two lovers to enjoy a simultaneous orgasm, and its safest way to make sure that both lovers  enjoy each other equally. Even if initially your orgasmic timing is “off” at least “you both actually get off” and there goes the pressure to perform. It only makes sense to take the pressure off of performance, by simply using technology to improve your sexual life.

Performance anxiety is a fear that will take the fun and closeness out of lovemaking. It can affect a persons self-esteem and damage a couples hopes to start or maintain a relationship. It is worth remembering, you are not perfect, she is not perfect and that neither of you live in a perfect world. Expect to do something clumsy, because we all do. Try to leave stress, family, religion and any outside pressure, outside of the bedroom, try not to be perfect, but try to give pleasure. Smiling shows openness and confidence, it’s an exciting turn on that’s easy to give. It is also good to be open-minded to using the latest toys and techniques, and its worth taking advantage of the Eroscillators ability to provide a woman strong orgasm’s, so you can enjoy a simultaneous orgasm with her, as you make love on the Luvbed. This remarkably easy success takes away the pressure to perform. It is all in timing and using good communication, plus orgasmic timing mis-ques are a sexy excuse to practice over and over again!!!!!!.

It is helpful to add more into lovemaking by using the power of massage, try to think you are spending the time, rather than making the time.. Massage helps both a man and a woman relax and slow down, so that his main event isn’t a sprint to the finish line. Massage is a pleasurable way to add duration to a lovemaking session, but it’s better if used prior to, or during lovemaking, as often all the action subsides at the end of a lovemaking session.

Try this, entice your lover onto the Luvbed, preferably placed on its special, angle adjusting Pedestal. Take the time to adjust the Vibratormate accurately into the right position for orgasmic results. Make sure you have a towel, plenty of personal lubricant, a nicely scented massage lotion and something to drink close at hand. Urinate prior to pleasure, so there is no discomfort or break in the action.

When penetrating, mix things up a little, try a slower speed, a shallower depth of thrust, a rythmic totally in and totally out stroke, or temporary dis-engagement then re-engagement to control stimulation to a sustainable level. Keep maassaging and pampering all parts of her body, find and explore her erogenous zones, and make love slowly with more pampering her with your hands, then when the time is right, reach down to turn on the Eroscillator, so she can climb to her orgasm, then speed up thrusting, so that you can both climax together.

Loverlonger to love her more often

Added on Jan 1, 2012

Product Information

The only way a man can gaurantee himself more sex is to LoverLonger every time he makes love!!! To help you last longer, our best product combination is the Luvbed™ that sits on its adjustable Pedestal to create the perfect height and angle combination for accurate sexual penetration. Additionally it provides the man the most energy efficient standing up position in which to make love, and offers his lover the ultimate in face down comfort with no performance pressure. The Luvbed™ on its Pedestal offers the man the unique opportunity of withdrawing and accurately re-entering without a pause in the action. This also provides the advantage of being able to regulate male stimulation, by using a short break if needed to prevent an early ejaculation and end to the pleasure. The ability to enter and re-enter easily allows the man to walk around his lover to pamper and massage all of her body, before, during, or after lovemaking.This accuracy offers the luxury that a mans own erection can find its way ‘in” without needing a hand to feed it “in”. Alternatively the Luvbed™ can be placed on a bed, which is comfortable for the man too, having his weight mostly on his knees on a soft bed. The Luvbed™ provides ideal positioning on a bed too, so that both can be comfortable and relaxed enough to slow down and luxuriate in sensations, helping him to use a slower speed to loverlonger. Here are some advantages of combining a massage with lovemaking to make sure you LoverLonger™. On the Luvbed™ your hands are free to enjoy your partner’s body, who will love your extra attention. Meanwhile, you are free to slow down or even stop the penetration if an ejaculation threatens to end the party prematurely. Erotic massage furniture helps if a withdrawal of penetration is needed to prevent an early ejaculation, because the action for her continues, as pleasure is still being given to her through massage touch. It is better to withdraw to regain control (while still massaging) and then resume penetration, than have to say sorry, because you kept thrusting and unfortunately ejaculated too early. A man can last forever this way, and it only a little self- discipline. Women love massages, so it is easier to offer a full body massage rather than just ask “Do you wanna f#*k?”, so you will get more opportunity to practice lasting longer. After all if we enjoy our favorite part of life for longer each time, we will likely enjoy it more and more often.