Susan from Chicago

“I so enjoyed the soft fleece material and memory foam cushion on the entry level in the middle of the winter that made my massage experience so luxurious that I am always eager for the next.”

Katie from Miami

“I remember the good old days when men offered a massage as an attempt to woo me into bed. Now, with this comfortable massage combination with sexual positioning furniture my man is eager to offer that massage that I have missed since our relationship started.”

Enrico from California

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Kristen from Oregon

“The female shapes of these products makes large breasted women very happy and relieved. Regardless of the breast lovers visual enjoyment, a woman can be comfortable because her breasts are no being smashed on a flat surface as on the majority of massage tables.”

Virginia from Manhatten

“I love the vibratormate, why didn’t someone invent this earlier? Hands free orgasms with or without a partner, who could ask for more!”

Dan from Vermont

“I’ve never been big on giving a massage to my wife once I knew I could have sex without. But, now it is so easy to convince my wife to relax and enjoy a new level of pleasure for both of us.”