Pedestal (Requires Luvbed or Spredbed for functionality)


“The Pedestal” is a platform for the Luvbed™ or Spredbed to provide the perfect angle and height for accurate sexual entry. A man can stand up and walk around his partner, pampering her with a back rub, a full body massage and the ultimate erotic adventure.

Product Information

The Pedestal is designed as a platform for the Luvbed and the Spredbed so lovers can match up perfectly in the middle using male standing missionary, doggie style and other positions. It is handmade in the U.S.A. and features;

  1. Eight inches of adjustment for multiple height options to accommodate men of all sizes to stand in a comfortable position for lovemaking, massage and erotic massage. Behold the natural erection that can confidently enter and re-enter without the need for hand guidance.
  2. Adjustable for multiple angles, either tilt upwards or downwards to accentuate the Luvbed’s™ sexy forward sloping angle.
  3. The Pedestal provides the most solid platform for the Luvbed, so that if a Vibratormate™ is used, its accuracy is enhanced by the Pedestal’s  firm foundation.
  4. The Luvbed™ works great on a soft bed, but it works even better on the Pedestal because a man can stand longer on his legs, than he can kneel on his knees. It is easier to LoverLonger™ in the standing position, but the connoisseur will soon find out that by going on tiptoes he can find another angle of entry, and by widening his stance or bending his knees a little, there are a couple more exciting angles to be enjoyed over and above the sexy angle already provided..
  5. The Pedestal makes lovemaking easier for a man because good weight distribution is energy efficient and that helps build longevity. With the Luvbed™ or the Spredbed placed on it’s Pedestal it is easy to conserve energy and create the best angle for the smoothest, deepest penetration. You will enjoy the accuracy, especially when you can confidently enter your lover, with your erection leading the way, with no need for hands to guide it in.
  6. The Luvbed and Spredbed both work well on a bed or in front of the fire, but the Pedestal lifts love to a whole new level.  With the use of the Pedestal, the man as the masseur can walk around his lover giving her erotic touch during massage and/or lovemaking.  In most traditional lovemaking positions, a man needing to stop to prevent a premature ejaculation feels discouraged to do so, because stopping and withdrawing is disruptive to intimacy, and to some men find that embarrassing, perhaps even in need of an explanation..This is not the case with the Pedestal, where a man is empowered to make sure that intimacy continues during withdrawal, using the connecting power of continuous massage. Even if a man’s needs to temporarily stop, he can resume at regular speed moments, or minutes later without losing that precious intimate connection.
  7. This is an energy policy you will both love. Traditional lovemaking is usually on a flat surface, or bent over something, or by standing up trying to make 2 people of different heights meet in the middle, “so to speak”. Whether spontaneous or planned, it is all fun!  However, the positions can often be somewhat uncomfortable or tiring to maintain after a few minutes for one or both parties.  For a man, a slightly awkward or uncomfortable thrusting position can be problematic, specifically when he is trying to “go deep in the in zone”.  His position can be very tiring because it takes a lot of energy to prop himself up on his elbows, or keep an exaggerated bent knee position to try to fit together with his lover. With the Luvbed™ placed on its Pedestal all the man’s energy can be put into the right place. In this “standing” position he has to just rock back and forth to achieve his best, easiest, and deepest penetration.
  8. Standing up is the most comfortable for the man, but laying down on the Luvbed™ on its Pedestal is extremely comfortable for a woman too. Four adjustable memory foam pads for elbows, knees, and feet.
  9. Pedestal cushions available in 5 colors. Red, Blue Pink, Purple and Black to match the Luvbed™ or Spredbed fabric.

Note: The Pedestal serves no function unless the Luvbed™ or Spredbed  is placed upon it.