The Genital Grip + The Testicle Tightener Deal

$50.00 $39.95

Get both of our incredible products with savings of more than $10! That’s right, you’ll get the Genital Grip + Testicle Tightener for only $39.95. Combine these with our LoverLonger Tantra method and you’ll have the most powerful set of tools for controlling your orgasm!




The Genital Grip is awesome, There I said it. Here is why. It pumps up your blood pressure and over time cam increase your penis size. It can change your penis’s upward angle. (I personally gain an extra 20 degrees of upward angle) It is adjustable for an entire endurance session. That means high blood pressure in your penis, then loosen for normal blood pressure, then re-tighten to enlarge, then loosen and it all takes about 3 seconds each time. Different blood pressures feel different orgasmically and the change in sensations helps keep things interesting.

The Genital Grip does not control the orgasm and it is not required to learn the LoverLonger Tantra method but I use it every time except on videos when I am proving that the LoverLonger equipment is not required. Other than that I use it every time because it is interesting and it feels better. And the boost from constricting blood flow results in a noticeable increase in penis size.


The LoverLonger Tantra method is based around stimulation accuracy and the Testicle Tightener assists in this greatly. It is comfortable to wear and its job is separating the testicles and pulling them down and away from body.

The Testicle Tightener is not required to learn the LoverLonger Tantra method but I use it every time because it feels great. I usually remove the Testicle Tightener after I have controlled my orgasm and several minutes after starting to make love. I use the Testicle Tightener every time, except on videos that prove you don’t need the Longasmmm equipment to control an orgasm. Other than that I wear it every time because it helps me slip into orgasm and that’s all explained in the book. **NOTE** Parts of this product contain Latex!


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